2022 ISTA Knowledge Transfer Webinar: Indigenous and Foreign Best Practices
Webinar 9: Transforming Research Projects into Start-ups
Venue :
ZOOM Meeting


Hosted by the International Strategic Technology Alliance, co-organized by the Southern University of Science and Technology and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the 9th webinar of ISTA Knowledge Transfer Webinar was successfully held on 28 Oct 2022.

The theme of this webinar was Transforming Research Projects into Start-ups. We invited Prof. Heui-Jae Pahk, Professor of Seoul National University and the Founder of SNU Precision Co., Ltd, and Prof. Guanhua Chen, Professor of the University of Hong Kong; Center Director of Hong Kong Quantum AI Lab; and the Founder of Hong Kong X to exchange their experiences.




Prof. Pahk shared his experience of successful entrepreneurship, he emphasized the inseparable relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship.




Prof. Chen pointed out that professors and graduates have the commonality in entrepreneurship. Although they have the most advanced technology and great enthusiasm, they often lack practical experience in commercialization and marketization. Therefore, the help of professional management and marketing team of commercialization is needed to promote the success of entrepreneurship.